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Ask yourself, 'what might my next potential client be searching on because of an event that would indicate they are in need of my product or service?' Or, 'what recent announcements would indicate a need?' 'What regulatory violations would cause potential clients to be scrambling for our solution?' This section is about knowing your market's industries/needs and getting inside the heads of potential clients to configure search signal types, as well as monitoring their movements on your website to predict buying intent.

STEP 1.  Proceed to section 5, Advanced Settings.

For Advanced Signals, carefully consider every signal type within each section to determine whether it is of relevance to your product/service offering fulfilling your clients' needs, or would be helpful information in knowing whether a prospect is sales ready. Select as many signal types in each section as are relevant, or none within a section if none are relevant.

Growth Signals

Signal Name Signal Definition Signal Examples coming soon
Adding Headcount Increasing headcount, indicating growth.  
Entering New Markets Growth into a new market.  
Launching New Products New product launch, creating a growth opportunity.  
Opening Offices/HQ Expansion Opening new offices, whether in a new city/country or larger office space.  
Fast Growth Awards Newly awarded a fast growth award such as Growing Business Awards, Fast Track 100, and Growth Finance Awards, indicating recognition from the business community.  
Key Clients Gained/Lost Indicating positive or negative growth.  

Regulatory Issues (violations or instances of, not changes to regulations)

Signal Name Signal Definition Signal Examples coming soon
FCPA Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  
Emissions Controls Violations of emissions controls regulations as they pertain to auto, manufacturing, etc.  
SarBox Violations of Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) regulations that protect investors from fraudulent financial reporting by corporations, particularly surrounding securities regulations.  
HIPPA Violations of HIPPA regulations that protect individuals' medical records and other personal health information that applies to health plans, health care clearinghouses, and those health care providers that conduct certain health care transactions electronically.  
Data Breaches Violations of security breach laws.  
FDA Approval Violations of the FDA requirements for pharmaceuticals, devices, etc.  
'Green' Label Violations or falsification of the changing landscape of eco-labeling standardization for greener products which can be imposed upon by various bodies including the EPA, FTC, etc.  
GDPR Violations of the EU's General Data Protection Regulations governing personal data protection and privacy by international businesses operating within and outside Europe.  
Lawsuits Regulatory or private lawsuits.  

Social Media

Signal Name Signal Definition Signal Examples coming soon
Boycotts Boycott campaign on social media that creates a need for your product/service. It can also become a risk to your target market.  
+/- Feedback Positive or negative feedback over social media indicating at need or risk.  
Campaigns Campaigns or trending hashtags with specific keywords that would be an indicator.  

Competitive/Industry Changes

Signal Name Signal Definition Signal Examples coming soon
New Competitive Products A new competitive product comes to market, indicating a risk to the sales pipeline.  
Poached Clients Clients moving to a competitor.  
Change in Price/Availability of Raw Materials This type of industry change may indicate a need for your product, or a risk.  
Extension into New Domains The company becomes too diverse and risks losing customers.  
Legal Action from Competitor Lawsuit or other legal action against a client or potential client by their competitor that creates a need for your product.  
Poached Key Personnel Key C-level or other key employee poached by a competitor.  
Disruptive Technology Emergence of a new technology that disrupts the status quo. Uber and other ride-share apps disrupting taxi service.

Internal/Proprietary Data Sources

Signal Name Signal Definition Signal Examples coming soon
Client Website Visit Our Aptivio website tracker collects when companies visit your website, specifically which product pages.  
Call Reports Engagement signal from your CRM.  
Campaign Responses Engagement signal from your automated marketing campaign.  
Connections/ Messages Engagement signal from your LinkedIn.  

Sales Pipeline/ Meetings/Contacts/ Activities

Engagement signal from your CRM.  
Transaction History/Usage Logs Internal customer data from a variety of sources such as your billing system.  


Signal Name Signal Definition Signal Examples coming soon
Fortune 500 Includes or excludes companies in the fortune 500 filter.  
Analyst Coverage News signal of an analyst remarking on a company, such as "top 10" lists, etc.  
Executives Speaking at Events Announcements of key speaking engagements at any or specific events.  
Announced Initiatives Specific business initiative announcements that signal a triggering event.  
Best Company to Work For Includes or excludes companies from "best company to work for" filter.  
Analyst Report Mentions Analyst reviews and awards.  
Positive News/Awards Does your market need your products/services most when they're doing well or when they're struggling? Consider whether certain positive news announcements or awards signal a triggering event.  

Industry-Specific Data Sources

Signal Name Signal Definition Signal Examples 
Specialized News/Blog Sites Industry news sites or expert bloggers that may inform your clients of trends, announcements, regulations, innovations, etc. US Government Issues Withhold Release Order Against Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Global Compliance News 
Public Company Reporting Public company financial filing reports, such as with the SEC.  Tesla Q3 2020 Filing
Major Search Engines Major search engines include Google, Bing to monitor the keyword search queries of end-users, included both paid and organic traffic.
Regulatory Websites Any industry-specific regulatory websites, relevant to your client market (see examples in Regulatory Issues table). CP20/24: A new UK prudential regime for MiFID investment firms FCA.ORG.UK
Customs BOM/ Shipments Are there supply chain signals that would be of use - shipping logs, satellite tracking, etc? Vessel Tracker
Analyst Websites Do business, financial, political, stock, data, security, etc analyst websites play a role in your clients' business operations? SolarWinds: What Hit Us Could Hit Others Krebson Security


Signal Name Signal Definition Signal Examples coming soon
Upgrades Technology upgrade possibly signaling growth, or a new need for your synergistic product.  
Major Initiatives Major technology initiative announcement.   
Outsourcing Indication of outsourcing technology, perhaps impacting companies' profitability and liquidity.  


Signal Name Signal Definition Signal Examples coming soon
Key Executive Hires Perhaps indicative of an expanding C-suite or change in company direction.  
New Strategic Initiatives May indicate expansion into a new market, or a high-impact change in company direction away from an existing market.  
Job Changes in Buying Committee May create a new sales opportunity or signal a risk to existing client.   
New Board Directors Might change the make-up of potential buying committee, or company direction, based on expertise of new board members.  
Significant Changes in Hiring Velocity Positive or negative growth indicator.  

Changes in Strategy

Signal Name Signal Definition Signal Examples coming soon

Announced Alliances or JVs

New alliances or joint ventures may create opportunities or indicate risk.  
CEO Announcements in Annual Report CEO exit, retirement, new hire, change - all may present new opportunities or challenges.  

Agency of Record Announcement

AOR services may indicate a change in brand strategy, creative and media placement, interactive media, web development services, or digital marketing.  
Restructuring/Cost-cutting Company upheaval or distress may provide opportunities.  
Issuance of Permits Typically an indicator of positive growth.  
Business Process Outsourcing Are BPO contracts noteworthy to your target market, or might they indicate an individual client need?  
New Strategic Initiatives What types of strategic initiatives might signal an opportunity?  
New Patents Would a new patent announcement signal an opportunity?  
Layoffs Do layoffs signal an opportunity or risk?  
Divesting Divisions/Product Lines How does divesting impact your target market - does it signal an opportunity or risk?  
Rebranding Does a company or product rebrand signal a sales opportunity?  
M&A Mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers, purchase of assets, and management acquisitions.  

Financial Triggers

Signal Name Signal Definition Signal Examples coming soon
IPO IPO announcement. AirBnB files Form S-1 SEC
Bankruptcy A bankruptcy filing, such as Chapter 11. After 190 years, department store chain Belk files for Chapter 11
Increase in Expenses A significant increase in expenses that would indicate growth.  
Rapid Stock App/Depreciation A rapid stock movement, appreciation or depreciation, up or down.  
Raising Debt Debt raising indicators such as actively searching for lending providers, and monitoring debt issuance sites.  
Earnings Surprise An unexpected earnings report, high or low.  
Private Equity Fundraising An award of PE funding from sources like CrunchBase.  


Signal Name Signal Definition Signal Examples coming soon
Event Announcement Corporate events such as user group conferences, etc., may be an early indicator of a larger announcement and opportunity.  
New Distributions Channels B2B and B2C companies can sell through a single or multiple distribution channels - a new channel may signal growth opportunity.  
New Website β€―New website means new visitors and maybe new clients if executed and promoted well. If a competitor, may indicate a threat. If a client, may indicate growth. announces new website for easier, interactive user experience.
Changes in Supply Chain Changes in supply chain may indicate cost savings or expansion.  

Click Save after completing your selections.

STEP 2.  Click Website Tracking to get the Aptivio website tracking code to add to your website. 

πŸ“ƒ Note: Though not absolutely required to use the Aptivio Market Monitor, embedding the Aptivio website tracking code on product webpages will allow us to identify when existing clients and potential prospects are visiting those pages, a valuable intent signal to increase your revenue. We highly recommend deploying this feature.

Copy the tracking code and email yourself or to your website administrator.

If needed, you have the ability to exclude paths from the tracking code by entering them into the Exclusions from Tracking field and clicking Save.

πŸ“ƒ Note: paths to be blocked from website tracking are wildcard by default. I.e., /path/happy blocks

πŸ‘ Best Practice: if you are using Aptivio's website tracking feature, you may consider whether it could pose a risk to the processing of personal data of your customers. Review this short guide explaining how to stay GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) compliant when using this feature.