Configure Security for MS Dynamics

Post package install, you setup remote access for AptivIO to sync opportunities.

Creating an App Registration in Azure Active Directory

⚠️You need an Aptivio Team Setup to feed External Client Signals into D365 ⚠️

To create the App Registration follow these steps

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal on the tenant in which your CDS is provisioned.
  2. Navigate to Active Directory -> App Registrations
  3. Click New Registration
  4. Give your App Registration a Name (AptivIO) and click Register
  5. From the Overview page of your newly created App Registration click API Permissions
  6. Click Add a permission and select Dynamics CRM (don't be confused by the name, the permissions are the same for accessing CDS) and Microsoft Graph
  7. Select user_impersonation and click Add Permissions
  8. Click Grant admin consent button to grant the consent to using the API
  9. Click Certificates & secrets and create a new secret. Copy it to a place for safe keeping as you will not be able to read it once saved!
  10. Click Manifest and set  allowPublicClient  property to true
  11. Gather your Consumer Key, the secret, and tenant id for later steps.

Creating an Application User in CDS

To create the Application User in CDS follow these steps

  1. Log in to and navigate to your environment
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Users + Permissions -> Users
  3. Change the view to Application Users and click New
  4. Give your use a user name, full name and email (does not have to be active unless you want your application user to send and receive emails)
  5. Paste in your Client Id from the App Registration you create in Azure Active Directory
  6. Click Save
  7. The application URI ID and the Azure AD Object ID should be filled in automatically once the Application User is saved.
  8. Now click Manage Roles and assign security role(s): Common Data Service User, AptivIOSecurity, and SalesManager

Provide your key, secret, tenentid and CRM Instance url to AptivIO to configure the account, or if you have access fill in the CRM connection info here: