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Configure ROLES in Team Admin

Add roles, view alerts and challenges for a role listed.

Aptivio > Teams > Roles

Once the members are added to the team. System admin views alerts, challenges, and adds the members to the created roles.

STEP 1.  Enter a Name for a role.

STEP 2.  Choose the role from the drop-down. Define role views and access.

  • Sales - Sales members can access Chrome Extension, Mobile App, and Sales App beta view.
  • Marketing/Operations - Sales Managers can access advanced User App (opportunities UI) and back-end management views
  • Marketing -  Can also impersonate any user in Mobile or Sales App.

📰Note: No limit on the number of role groups and individuals added. No limit on the number of groups an individual can be added. Every user must be assigned a role.

STEP 3.  Click Add to list the role.
STEP 4. Click on the people icon to add Members.
STEP 5.  Click the drop-down list to Add Users into roles defined.
STEP 6.  Click the Edit or Delete icon to make changes.