Map Engagement and Deal from HubSpot into an Aptivio CRM Activity

How to map engagement and deal from HubSpot into an AptivIO CRM activity.

Mapping Engagement

The field 'type' for Engagement should be equal to EMAIL and the field 'status' should be equal to PROCESSED.

Field Mapping Hubspot
ACTIVITY_DATE Field 'lastUpdated' from Engagement
ACTIVITY_TYPE "engagement.hubspot.crm"
ACTIVITY_TITLE Field 'subject' from Engagement
ACTIVITY_TEXT Field 'body' from Engagement
ACTIVITY_ID Field 'id' from Engagement
CONTACT_EMAIL Field 'email' from Contact
CONTACT_NAME Field 'name' from Contact
CRM_CONTACT_ID In Engagement record there is a list of contacts associated. Extract the contact IDs in 'associations' field.

Mapping Deal

Field Mapping Hubspot
ACTIVITY_DATE Field 'hs_lastmodifieddate' from Deal
ACTIVITY_TYPE "deal.hubspot.crm"
ACTIVITY_TITLE Field 'dealname' from Deal
ACTIVITY_TEXT Field 'description' from Deal
ACTIVITY_ID Deal 'hs_object_id' from Deal
ACTIVITY_LOCATION Field 'region' from Company
CRM_ACCOUNT_ID Field 'hs_object_id' from Company
ACCOUNT_NAME Field 'name' from Company
ACCOUNT_DOMAIN Field 'website' from Company
ACCOUNT_LI Field 'linkedin_company_page' from Company
ACTIVITY_COUNTRY Field 'country' from Company
CONTACT_EMAIL Field 'email' from Contact
CONTACT_NAME Field 'name' from Contact
CRM_CONTACT_ID Field 'id' from Contact
OWNER_EMAIL Field 'email' from Owner
OWNER_NAME Field 'name' from Owner
CRM_OWNER_ID Field 'id' from Owner