Navigate sales OPPORTUNITIES dashboard

Familiarize yourself with the Aptivio dashboard, and begin to review and organize your sales opportunities

Aptivio > Opportunities Dashboard

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The Aptivio opportunities dashboard provides easy, intuitive access to all of the sales opportunities found within your coverage, ready for you to review, organize, and engage with.

STEP 1.  Open your Aptivio opportunities browser. If you are new to Aptivio and haven't signed in before, follow the first time user log in steps

Initial Page

You are provided with a snapshot of the alerts for opportunities in your Watch list, and the Challenges (unclaimed opportunities) funneled into 3 buckets:

  • Sales Ready
  • Active Research
  • Grow Forecast
  • Now or Never

STEP 2.  Hover over an opportunity to review the alerts (changes in FASDER - Fit, Access, Demand, Stage, Engagement, Risk). Click on the opportunity to view the full opportunity alerts details in Live Feed.

Click the Aptivio icon to return to the opportunities browser.

STEP 3.  Review challenges for new opportunities to watch, by clicking on one of the challenges buckets (Sales Ready, Active Research, Grow Forecast, Now or Never). We always configure Sales Ready challenges by default, but you can also choose any of the other challenge buckets. Similar to opportunities you are watching in Live Feed, review the alerts (changes in FASDER - Fit, Access, Demand, Stage, Engagement, Risk) for this unclaimed opportunity and decide whether to add it to my opps or dismiss it. By adding to my opps you will get contact resolution for this opportunity i.e. emails, phone numbers, or both (if available). Additionally, you will get notified if there are new signals. You can configure alerts for signals, such as visits to your website by the opportunity company.  


STEP 4. Share an opportunity with someone by clicking on this icon Share on the upper right corner, you can select someone from your team with whom to share the opportunity. That person will find this opportunity in the Shared tab on the left pane. There is an option to remove an opportunity from other team members’ sales view to avoid multiple sales users from pursuing the same opportunity.


STEP 5. Head to the Opps Browser to see all types of opportunities available, not only the sales ready ones. Filter these opportunities based on set criteria such as Territory. In addition, in Search you can look for a specific company. 


Click the Aptivio icon to return to the opportunities browser.

STEP 6.  Navigate directly to any section from the left panel menu of options.

Alerts on opportunities in your watch list

Your watch list

Unclaimed opportunities from the market monitor

Opportunities you've shared with others, internally and externally

 Opps_Browser_Icon View all types of opportunities

Help_Icon Get help if you feel stuck