LOG IN to Aptivio for sales users

Quick steps to log in for the first time and start browsing sales opportunities.

Aptivio is an Intelligent Market Monitor for detecting hidden revenue opportunities and buying intent by extracting demand and risk signals from billions of data points per day and exclusive behavioral datasets. Welcome to personalized, explainable, autonomous sales prospecting. Log in to start browsing opportunities.

STEP 1.  Click the link in your email invite to log in to your Aptivio team.

Didn't receive an email invite to your inbox? Click Get Started Free from any page on the Aptivio website to navigate to the sign up page, and select Join Your Team.

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STEP 2.  Sign in using your LinkedIn ID, or input your login credentials.

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STEP 3.  Troubleshooting. 

Don't know your account or password? Click the corresponding link and enter your work email to receive a registration link to your inbox.

Not seeing your team? Enter your work email to receive a registration link to your inbox.

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From your email inbox, open the Aptivio Support email and click the link in the body of the email to log in to your Aptivio team.


STEP 4.  Log in with your LinkedIn ID.

📃 Note: You must have a valid LinkedIn account associated with this email to log in.


📃 Troubleshooting Note: If you are not directed to the Opportunities dashboard upon initial sign-in, close the browser and re-click the email invite.