Step 5 - Add PowerBI dashboard in MS Dynamics

How to add the PowerBI dashboard in the MS Dynamics environment


  • You have downloaded and installed Aptivio for Dynamics 365
  • You have configured the app on your environment.
  • You have synched the data from Aptivio into Dynamics 365.

Add Dashboard Widget

  1. Login into PowerBI and choose the workspace where you have the PowerBI dashboard.
  2. Select the dashboard you want to embed and click on File -> Embedded report -> Publish to web (public).
  3. Copy the first URL and keep it for later.
  4. Connect to your Dynamics Environment and choose the app Dynamics 365 - custom.
  5. Click on the gear icon at the top and Advanced Settings.
  6. Click on Settings -> Customizations.
  7. Click on Customize the system.
  8. In the customizations window click on Dashboard and select the dashboard where you want to add the notification widget.
  9. Click on IFRAME.
  10. Apply the following settings:
  11. Click on Save and Publish.