The Product Wizard is designed to ask for the minimum viable details for one product to kick off the 30-day trial with Aptivio, or to quick-add new products once you're using Aptivio.

Sales Playbooks > Product Wizard

The Product Wizard is designed to serve two purposes:

  1. Generate a new sales playbook for a new client with the minimum viable details to configure one product for the purpose of starting a 30-day trial.
  2. Provide the option to signed clients to quick-add additional products using the simplified wizard instead of the more complex Advanced Playbook Wizard.

This wizard is meant to be self-service, but it can be helpful to enter your first product with your Account Executive or BDE. 

STEP 1.  Open the invitation email from Aptivio and click the link to access the Product Wizard. Sign in using your LinkedIn credentials to launch the wizard.

STEP 2.  The Product Wizard welcome page explains the purpose of the wizard. There are 4 steps to be completed along the top. Click the Company bubble at the top or the Start button to begin.

📃 Note: You can invite additional contributors using the Share function in the left hand menu bar.

STEP 3.  Complete the company details by entering the LinkedIn ID and the industry, and set the Team's geographic coverage.

📃 Note: These details apply at the Team level, not just to this product. More on this later.

Click Next to advance to the Product screen.

If all the company details are filled in, the Company bubble will turn green.

STEP 6.  Enter one product or service with the minimum viable details. Pay close attention to the keywords (use the info icon for best practices when choosing keywords) and make sure to enter the product page (not the company home page) for competitors and partners.

Click Next to advance to Buyers.

STEP 7.  Enter up to four buyer groups for this product. Define the decision-making buyer group at a minimum.

There are two ways to use Job Functions:

  1. Enter specific job titles (CEO, Head of Finance) and NO job level (as it could conflict).
  2. Enter job area (Finance, Sales, IT, Marketing) and combine with job levels.

Click Next to advance to the final step.

STEP 8.  Configure the Target Accounts for this Team. Target Accounts apply at the team level for all products, not just for this product. You can configure more than one target accounts list, and for more than one type.

Choose Dynamic or Static.

  • Dynamic - group of industries you want to target
  • Static - list of specific accounts you want to target

Name the target account list. Choose the industries (if dynamic) or upload the static list of accounts. Set the revenue range. Click Add.

STEP 9.  All entries are auto-saved as you go and you can return and edit as often as you wish from Sales Playbook Home until you submit for configuration.

If you feel satisfied with all the entries and are ready to submit this product for configuration with Customer Success, click Submit. 

The status of this product configuration changes from Wizard Mode to Wizard Complete Mode.

  • You can view the product details, but can no longer edit this product.
  • Customer Success is alerted to complete the advanced configuration.

Quick Add Additional Products

After you've completed the 30-day onboarding with Aptivio and are using the product, you will be able to quick-add new products via the Product Wizard.

How the process differs from entering your very first product is the Company and Targets details are already completed and pre-filled because these details apply at the Team level; you will only need to complete the details for Product and Buyers.

See how the bubbles are already green for Company and Targets.

Complete the details for Product and Buyers, then click Submit to trigger advanced configuration by Customer Success.